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Accommodation Procedures

In order for a student to receive reasonable accommodations for a documented disability at Brescia University, the following procedure is used.

1. The student must complete an Accommodation Request Form and email it to Disability Services at [email protected]. A copy of this form is available on the website.

2.The Office of Disability Services will review the student’s Accommodation Request Form, and will contact the student to schedule an interview.

3. The student must then submit any requested documentation supporting the accommodation request to the Office of Disability Services at [email protected]. This documentation will be discussed with the student during the interactive process.

4. If accommodations are approved, the student will be given an accommodation letter to approve.

5. The student approves the accommodation letter or requests for the letter to be revised.

6. Once the letter is approved, the student should request that the letter be sent to instructors. The student is responsible for making this request to the Office of Disability Services. This request should be made via email and include all instructors that the student wishes to receive the accommodation letter.

7. The student will be responsible for following up with instructors regarding accommodation implementation.

Note: A new letter must be requested by the student and issued each semester that the student wishes to have accommodation and #6 and #7 must be completed. The documentation and official Accommodation Request Form will not need to be resubmitted unless there is a change in the diagnosis and accommodation need. Accommodations are not retroactive.